“I had the pleasure of being introduced to Dr T. 6 months before beginning my competition prep for the 2014 Olympia when I had no medical explanation on why I wasn’t feeling good. Upon my first conversation with her I felt an overwhelming sense of confidence in her. She empathetically listened with the intent to understand, and provided reassurance that everything would be okay. Working with Dr T. help me to achieve a better physique which earned me a fourth-place at the 2014 Olympia, my highest placing as yet. I could thank her 1,000,001 times and it still wouldn’t come close to expressing my gratitude.
Ann Titone

6X IFBB Pro Figure Champion, 5X-Time Olympia, 3X-Time Arnold International

Are you a Bikini, Figure or Women’s Physique competitor looking to bring your physique to that elite level? From novice to pro, Health for Your Whole Life offers several programs to competitors of all ages, and fitness levels, and provides individualized support for all your nutrition, body composition and healthcare needs.

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