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Dr Tondora on a motorcycle
Dr. Christina M. Tondora
Premier Concierge Functional Medicine Physician

“I love being a doctor, I love being a teacher, but, mostly, I love being a student of life.”

As Arizona’s distinguished Concierge Functional Medicine Physician, Dr. Christina M. Tondora brings over two decades of expertise in medical consulting services. Her practice is founded on a heart-centered, functional medicine approach, embracing the interconnection of body, mind, and soul for true health.

Dr. Tondora is a well-respected Naturopathic Medical Doctor, 200 Hr CYT, and a specialist in nutrition, metabolic optimization, and longevity medicine. Her therapeutic repertoire includes advanced modalities like peptide therapy, IV vitamin treatments including NAD+, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), weight management, clinical nutrition, and ozone therapy.

She holds memberships in prestigious associations such as the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) and the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Inc (OncANP). Additionally, Dr. Tondora has served as Vice-President of the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association (AzNMA) and as Chairwoman for the Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation.

A graduate with Honors from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Electrical Engineering and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine with high academic honors, Dr. Tondora is a celebrated author, speaker, and medical adviser.

Engagements: Keynote speeches, group presentations, yoga instruction, and transformational retreats.
Contact: 602-971-0621 | drtondora@drtondora.com

Dr. Tondora’s commitment to lifelong learning and her extensive expertise make her a beacon in the field of functional medicine, constantly evolving and inspiring others along her journey.

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