Premium Optimization


The Premium Health Evaluation are for those patients wanting a premium, comprehensive functional medical evaluation of their overall health status.

This program includes:

  • Core Health Optimization blood panel*, encompassing 21 tests measuring 85 biomarkers
  • One (1) Complete Microbiome Testing with 3 months of custom Pre & Probiotics
  • One (1) Complete Metabolic & Genetic Profile (urine, cheek swab)
  • All consultations**  to review lab your results & custom protocol either in-office, via phone or video conferencing**
  • 3 months of Direct Doctor Access ($1500 value)
  • Facilitate the ordering of any necessary prescription medications
  • Provide a written protocol detailing the recommended laboratory tests, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments and therapeutic interventions for healing.
  • Unveil your bespoke Precision Nutrition recommendations designed exclusively for you. These personalized nutrients are formulated to your specific metabolic and genetic profile. Your Precision Nutrition contains a 90-day supply and is billed separately on a 90-day recurring basis. You may cancel at anytime by emailing our office through your patient portal.
  • Priority Scheduling

*Cancellation after purchase will incur a 5% administration fee.


Premium Optimization          $ 3499

The Premium Optimization is now available to all patients seeking a comprehensive functional medical assessment of their overall well-being. This assessment can be completed as a standalone consultation or as the initial phase before starting a long-term medical relationship.

The Premium Optimization includes  includes:

  • Thorough assessment using a detailed intake form to analyze how your body systems function.
  • Comprehensive survey to examine lifestyle and nutrition factors in detail.
  • Examination of both current and past physical concerns.
  • Review of current medications and supplements.
  • Comprehensive Core Health Optimization blood panel, which includes 21 tests measuring 85 biomarkers.
  • Complete Microbiome Testing with a 3-month supply of personalized Pre & Probiotics.
  • Complete Metabolic & Genetic Profile using urine and cheek swab samples.
  • Consultations to discuss your lab results and personalized protocol, either in-person, over the phone, or via video conferencing.
  • 3 months of Direct Doctor Access, valued at $1500.
  • Assistance with ordering any necessary prescription medications.
  • Detailed protocol outlining recommended laboratory tests, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, and therapeutic interventions for healing.
  • Unveil your bespoke Precision Nutrition recommendations tailored exclusively to your metabolic and genetic profile. These personalized nutrients are provided in a 90-day supply and billed separately on a recurring 90-day basis. You can cancel at any time by emailing our office through your patient portal.
  • Priority Scheduling

Patients who reside outside the US will receive the blood test list in the confirmation email which can then be taken to your doctor for completion.

All testing must be completed within 30 days of purchase. Please note, the above cost includes only your detailed evaluations of your test results. It does not include any additional support outside of scheduled consultations**, cost of additional lab testing or blood draw, or the cost of your Precision Nutrition products.

*Once we receive your order for the Premium Optimization, our office will contact you to order your blood work. All lab kits will be mailed directly to your address on file. You will also receive via email, the instructions to complete the testing along with locations of the draw stations in your area. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ADDITIONAL BLOOD DRAW FEES AND FOR COMPLETING THE BLOOD WORK PRIOR TO YOUR CONSULTATION.  This office contracts with labs across the US to offer discounted lab testing.

*Cancellation after purchase will incur a 5% administration fee.

You are ALWAYS responsible to call a minimum of 48 hours prior to a scheduled appointment time to reschedule or cancel. Failure to do so will result in you being charged for the missed appointment.

IMPORTANT: Medicare/Medicaid  patients will not be reimbursed for these tests and should not submit the lab costs to Medicare/Medicaid. The Doctors at Health For your Whole Life, LLC ARE NOT Medicare/Medicaid providers. If you submit your lab charges to Medicare/Medicaid, you will be responsible for any costs assigned to this office as a result.

Please contact the office with any questions prior to purchasing the Premium Health Optimization.

**Follow-up questions regarding your written protocol or recommendations are included in this package. See Office Policy Form for more details.

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