Weight Loss/Body Composition Programs

Featuring Dr. T’s Get Lean System™, providing the nutrition you need for the body you want™. We offer six different program levels to fit your needs (4 week programs).

Elite Get Lean™ Protocol | $1359 (limited availability)

  • All Get Lean™ Supplements (MitoCare, CLA1000, Get Lean Protein)
  • Topical GH-precursor for Optimal Fat-Burning – (Applied 5 days on, 2 days off)
  • Weekly B12 Energy Injections
  • Weekly “Fat-Burning” Vitamin IVs
  • Complete Laboratory Work-up (Lab requisition given to patient to be completed through insurance)
  • Initial Intake & weekly follow-up visits with Dr. Tondora
  • 12 Personal Training group sessions
  • Meal Plan & Shopping List
  • Body Composition Measurements – before & after program