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Dr. T’s Get Lean System™

  • Dr. T’s Get Lean Protein – Provides for optimal body composition and weight loss. Contains 21 grams of protein plus additional amino acids & fiber, something other protein powders do not. It’s low in sugar & all natural. Nothing artificial, ever!
  • Maximum ER – Optimizes lean muscle gain, muscle function & recovery from exercise. Increases the metabolic rate to help you lose fat and gain lean muscle.
  • CLA 1000 – Provides 780 mg of pure conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) per capsule. Studies show 3000 mg of CLA per day may reduce body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.
  • LipoLean CR – A master antioxidant, alpha-lipoic acid increases energy expenditure and burns more fat
  • Longevity Formula – This patented form of resveratrol increases the energy production in the cells helping you burn fat quickly and efficiently.

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