Complete Metabolic & Genetic Profile


Comprehensive nutritional and genetic testing is the healthcare of the future.

The NutrEval FMV with Genomics is the future.

The NutrEval FMV with Genomics is the most comprehensive nutritional evaluation available to date. It assesses your unique metabolic pathways & biochemistry to determine your personalized supplement recommendations for optimal health.

Conventional medicine does not place any emphasis on biochemical individuality. The conventional clinical model does not include comprehensive nutritional testing.

Effective for Patient Concerns Such As:

    • Weight Issues
    • Dietary Guidance
    • Fatigue
    • General Health
    • Sports Fitness Optimization
    • Mood Disorders
    • Autoimmune Disorders
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Addictions
    • Digestive Complaints
    • Chronic Pain
    • Cardiovascular Risk
    • Cancer
    • Inflammatory Conditions

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The Complete Metabolic & Genetic profile provides a comprehensive evaluation of nutritional deficiencies. It is ideal for establishing an assessment for nutritional supplementation as well as subsequent testing, if needed.

What Advantage Does the Complete Metabolic & Genetic Profile Offer Compared to Other Diagnostics?

The traditional medical model does not currently place emphasis on biochemical individuality. The conventional clinical approach to nutrition-related symptoms does not routinely include utilization of comprehensive nutritional testing. When testing is performed, select vitamins are assessed to determine if the level is sufficient to meet nutrient requirements based on healthy individuals. However, a comprehensive assay – such as the Complete Metabolic & Genetic Profile  – provides several advantages for patients.

  • Identification of imbalances that may precede abnormal findings on standard laboratory panels
  • Comprehensive nutritional assessment indicating the functional need for specific nutrients, diet modification, antioxidant protection, detoxification and other therapies
  • Personalized nutrient recommendations based on biochemical individuality

Studies suggest that even a balanced diet may not provide all essential nutrients. This Complete Metabolic panel supports assessment of a patient’s nutritional needs by identifying nutritional deficiencies that may be associated with complex chronic conditions.

The Complete Metabolic & Genetic Profile Offers:

    • Metabolic Analysis Markers (urine organic acids)
      • Malabsorption and Dysbiosis Markers
        • Malabsorption Markers
        • Bacterial Dysbiosis Markers
        • Yeast/Fungal Dysbiosis Markers
      • Cellular Energy & Mitochondrial Metabolites
        • Carbohydrate Metabolism
        • Energy Metabolism
        • Fatty Acid Metabolism
      • Neurotransmitter Metabolites
      • Vitamin Markers
      • Toxin & Detoxification Markers
      • Tyrosine Metabolism
    • Urine Amino Acid Analysis
      • Nutritionally Essential Amino Acids
      • Nonessential Protein Amino Acids
      • Intermediary Metabolites
      • Dietary Peptide Related Markers
    • Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids
      • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
      • Omega 6 Fatty Acids
      • Omega 9 Fatty Acids
      • Saturated Fatty Acids
      • Monounsaturated Fats
        • Omega 7 Fats
        • Trans Fat
      • Delta-6 Desaturase Activity
      • Cardiovascular Risk – featuring key ratios: Omega 6/Omega 3, AA/EPA, and the Omega 3 Index
    • Oxidative Stress Markers
      • Glutathione (whole blood)
      • Lipid Peroxides (urine)
      • 8-OHdG (urine)
      • Coenzyme Q10 (plasma)
  • Elemental Markers
    • Nutrient Elements
      • Copper
      • Magnesium
      • Manganese
      • Potassium
      • Selenium
      • Zinc
    • Toxic Elements
      • Lead
      • Mercury
      • Antimony
      • Arsenic
      • Cadmium
      • Tin
    • Genetic (SNPs):
      • MTHFR
      • COMT
      • TNF-α
      • APOE

*Please note, the above cost includes only the Metabolic & Genetic profile testing, handling & administration fees and printed reports, and does not include any consultations, review or results, additional support outside of scheduled consultations**, laboratory fees paid directly to the lab, or the cost of personalized supplement recommendations.

Metabolic & Genetic Profile Sample Report

The Metabolic & Genetic Profile is shipped directly to patients in the US and Canada. Shipping charges vary by region and is in addition to the price of the test.

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