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To complete the Affiliate process, please submit your application and CV for approval. Once processed, you will receive confirmation and email notice for getting access to your affiliate area. This area will provide a unique link you can use to refer customers and receive affiliate commissions. It will also provide referral history, commissions and payment information.

Membership includes:

  • 15% on products orders through your link
  • 15% on any 10-Day Detox Program orders through your link
  • Ability to participate in additional training to earn commission on program and testing packages

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Health for Your Whole Life Affiliate Program

  1. The Health For Your Whole Life™  Affiliate program includes product training program, and the Health For Your Whole Life™ 10-Day Whole Body Detox program clinical description, indications, training, and marketing materials to provide package support. Affiliates receive in-depth training with Dr. Tondora on all Health For Your Whole Life™ products, including product formulations, descriptions, uses and contraindications. In addition:
    • Acceptance into Affiliate Partner program allows Affiliate Partner the opportunity to enroll in the Health For Your Whole Life™ clinical training program.  This in-depth program gives the Affiliate additional clinical insight into the lesson plan, indications and support packages that are offered through the Health For Your Whole Life™ website. The program is divided into Modules that provide Affiliates with clinical description, indications, training, and marketing materials to provide package support:
      • Clinical nutrition guidelines, Causes of nutrient deficiencies and nutrient protocols
      • Immune Function Profiles – Food allergies, testing and nutritional protocols
      • Adrenal Stress profile with hormones
      • Customized Clinical Nutrition Program
      • Women’s Health Programs
      • Gastrointestinal Function
      • Toxicity and Chronic Disease
      • Integrative Cancer Support
    • Training cost for each module is $1299†.
  2. Health For Your Whole Life™ system tracks your every sale.
  3. Get paid at the end of every month.

† This fee is non-refundable. Affiliate Partnership may be cancelled, and is subject to cancellation at any time. ††Affiliate client support requires completion of appropriate Health For Your Whole Life™ training program and approval by Dr. Tondora.


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