Do you know the difference between virus and bacteria?

  • Viruses are the smallest and simplest life form known.
  • Biggest difference – viruses must have a living host – (plant or animal) to multiply, most bacteria can grow on non-living surfaces.
  • Bacteria are intercellular organisms (live between cells)
  • Viruses are intracellular organisms (live within our cells!)
  • There are some useful bacteria, all viruses are harmful
  • Antibiotics can kill bacteria but not viruses.

There are many natural remedies – herbs, nutrients, homeopathics and essential oils – that boost your immune system and protect against viruses.

What to do if you get the Flu

First of all, don’t panic. Call Dr. T immediately and get started on the following:

Natural Treatments for the Onset of Symptoms

  1. žElderberry Immune Tonic* – Herbal Tonic – Adult: 1 TBSP-6 times/day; Children: 1 TBSP-3 times/day
  2. Ultra Probiotic Beneficial bacteria and yeast – Adult – 2 packets in water with dinner/day; Children – 1 packet
  3. Ultra ImmuneNatural immunoglobulins – Adult – 1 tsp in water twice daily; Children – 1/2 tsp twice daily
  4. Vitamin D3 (for 7 days) – Adult – 20,000 IU/day; Children – up to 10,000 IU daily
  5. Vitamin C – Adult – 6-8 gm day; Children – 2-4 g /day
  6. Eliminate all sugars
  7. Eliminate processed foods, bad fats
  8. Sliced raw garlic on buttered toast 3-4 x/day
  9. HEALTH FOR YOUR WHOLE LIFE™ Natural Flu shot – homeopathics, B12 & Lysine
  10. Essential Oil – Flu Bomb
  11. IV Vitamin Therapy – Call Dr. Tondora 602-961-0621 –Hydration, nutrients, anti-virals, homeopathics
* Children 4 and under, consult Dr. Tondora † Oral dose available.