Yoga, Cancer and Healing – Live-Streamed event – Scottsdale, AZ

Enjoy this powerful one-day retreat live-streamed event right from your home, office or yoga studio!

Yoga, Cancer and Healing opens your heart and mind to heal your body, mind, and soul at the spiritual level. This one-of-a-kind retreat combines yoga movement, interactive lecture and yoga nidra with sound healing to reframe your awareness and attitude toward cancer and dis-ease, helping you heal your life.


Dispelling the Detox Myth

We’ve heard it before, “You don’t need to detox.” In a perfect world, this would be true. Our body has the amazing capacity to clear metabolic waste and harmful substances on its own. The skin, liver, intestines, kidneys, lymphatics and lungs all play a role in eliminating toxins all day, everyday. Because of this, many…


Naturopathic Assurance Fundamental Plan

  • Annual comprehensive blood work – completed through insurance*
  • Annual Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine comprehensive consultation
  • Annual written lab, supplement, prescription and therapy protocol emailed to patient
  • Direct Doctor Communication via email. Limited email access to your doctor as needed at no charge.* Email response within 72 hours
  • Priority scheduling – in-office, phone, eVisit (video conferencing)
  • Discount (5%) on Health For Your Whole Life supplements, seminars and workshops
  • Discount (5%) on specialty labs
  • Low patient to doctor ratios
  • Extended, comprehensive appointments to address more of your concerns
  • Collaborative care with Health For Your Whole Life, LLC providers
  • Access to additional health related materials including: newsletters, articles and educational videos
  • 1 Adult – $59/month and $59/visit
  • 2 Adults living in same household: $99/month
  • Additional child add-on: $5 per child/month
  • Additional Direct Doctor access (M-F) phone/text add- on: $29/month
  • Additional 24/7 Direct Doctor access add- on: $59/month/person
  • Home visits when appropriate (Home visit surcharge $200)

Green Button


Radical Forgiveness – Sunday Sunrise Ceremony

This is a special opportunity to practice forgiveness with Shana’s Place Therapy Horses!
Dr. Christina Tondora, Naturopathic Medical Doctor, has paired with Shana’s Place Founder, Cheryl Kindred, to bring you this unique healing event. Radical Forgiveness is a fast and effective way to heal your body, mind and soul that takes us beyond the realm of conventional methods of forgiveness.


Yoga, Cancer and Healing

“Yoga, Cancer and Healing” explores the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of cancer from a yogic perspective. This powerful workshop combines yoga movement, interactive lecture and healing ceremonies to reframe our awareness and attitude towards cancer, helping us heal our lives.


Detox for Life!

Lecture,  Q & A and Intro to 10-Day Detox Program Learn why periodic detoxing is not only necessary, but also important for good health, how you can benefit from periodic detoxing, and how to recognize and eliminate toxins in your life. The Health for Your Whole Life™ 10-Day Whole Body Detox is a simple, effective…