Food Allergy Antibody Testing

I did a food allergy test with Dr. T for myself and my 12 year old daughter. It is the best thing I have ever done and it changed my life! I spent years dealing with stomach aches and lack of energy. I ate healthy and exercised 4 times a week so I could not figure out what was wrong. I would wake up around 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep. My daughter missed 1 day of school every 2 weeks with stomach aches and headaches. I took her for medical tests to diagnosis the problem, nothing worked. Since her and I figured out what foods to eliminate we have felt great. I feel like I have my life back. We both have alot more energy and she didn’t miss any school after testing. Thanks Dr. Tondora!!
~Jean Hutchinson

Do you or someone you know suffer from headaches, fatigue, bloating, ear infections, depression, ADD/ADHD, painful joints, congestion, acne, asthma, poor memory, or other chronic disease?  Have you tried to lose weight with “proper” diet and exercise and nothing seems to work?  You are about to learn how the foods you are eating may very well be at the root of all your health problems. Food Allergy Antibody Testing is a simple blood test to determine which foods are better digested, assimilated and utilized by your body, and which foods are virtually poisoning your system. Before spending more money on diet supplements, appetite suppressors, fat blockers, surgical procedures or other weight control products, take a Food Allergy Antibody Test.  Because the “right” foods may be “wrong” for you.

Green & Lean I Program Includes:
1 – Office visit with Dr. T (45 Min)
1 – Blood Draw
1 – Food Allergy Testing (96 foods)
1 – Review of Test Results with Dr. T (30 Min)