Food Allergy & Adrenal Stress Profile with Consult


Program Includes:

  • Adrenal Stress Profile with Hormones
  • Food Allergy Testing (96 foods – IgG/IgA)
  • Clinical Review & Interpretation of Test Results
  • Review of Test Results
  • Support Adrenal Supplement
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Product Description

This program includes one blood draw and one salivary test.

food_allergiesFood Allergy Antibody Testing is a simple blood test to determine which foods are better digested, assimilated and utilized by your body, and which foods are virtually poisoning your system. Before spending more money on diet supplements, appetite suppressors, fat blockers, surgical procedures or other weight control products, take a Food Allergy Antibody Test.  Because the “right” foods may be “wrong” for you.

Stress is a major underlying cause of many chronic illnesses, from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to food and environmental allergy. A stressful lifestyle can lead to consistently high levels of cortisol and low levels of DHEA (dehydoepiandosterone), which can be damaging to the brain and other tissues. Cortisol elevation also impacts immune responses, such as secretory IgA (sIgA) and antigliadin antibody (AGA) production. The Adrenal Stress Plus Profile with hormones is a measure of an individual’s response to stress. It also measures the important hormones estradiol, estriol, pregesterone, testosterone and melatonin. This test is an important tool for pointing to adrenal imbalances that may be impacting your health.

The adrenocortical hormones, cortisol and DHEA, are steroids that affect carbohydrate, protein, and lipid metabolism. They also serve as modulators of thyroid function and help the body manage stress. When levels of DHEA and cortisol change, it may indicate significant variations in adrenal function that can impact your energy levels, emotions, and even disease resistance.


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