Concierge Consultation – New Patient


  • Comprehensive Initial Consultation and Evaluation
  • Complete Review of all lab work, supplementation and medications
  • One (1) Comprehensive Written Report
  • One (1) Comprehensive follow up consultation
  • Registration in Concierge Healthcare Package – Monthly Recurring

Product Description

The patient is ALWAYS responsible to call a minimum of 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment time to reschedule or cancel.

Dr. Tondora’s office does not accept insurance and is not a Medicare provider.  An insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company.  The patient is ALWAYS responsible for payment of all charges incurred regardless of any insurance or third party payment arrangements.  Medical health savings accounts are an acceptable form of payment. The natural medicines prescribed by Dr. Tondora may be purchased online, at the office or at a pharmacy of your choice

Correspondence with Dr. Tondora – Patient Consultation

  1. Initial Complete Evaluation:
    • Review of labs – blood work, scans, reports
    • Review of all current and past physical issues
    • Review of current supplements and medications
  2. Reports & Consultations:
    • One (1) Comprehensive consultation to discuss all current and past physical issues
    • One (1) written report and protocol emailed to patient covering:
      1. Additional lab testing
      2. Complete supplement protocol
      3. Complete list of recommended natural therapies
    • One (1) Comprehensive follow up consultation to discuss review of lab findings, current conditions & recommendations– in-office/phone or Skype
  3. Concierge Healthcare Package – Monthly Recurring – Patients will automatically be registered for the monthly recurring Concierge Healthcare Package


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