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Dispelling the Detox Myth

Apr 11, 2017 in Health Blog 0 comments

We’ve heard it before, “You don’t need to detox.” In a perfect world, this would be true. Our body has the amazing capacity to clear metabolic waste and harmful substances…

Naturopathic Assurance Fundamental Plan

  • Annual comprehensive blood work – completed through insurance*
  • Annual Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine comprehensive consultation
  • Annual written lab, supplement, prescription and therapy protocol emailed to patient
  • Direct Doctor Communication via email. Limited email access to your doctor as needed at no charge.* Email response within 72 hours
  • Priority scheduling – in-office, phone, eVisit (video conferencing)
  • Discount (5%) on Health For Your Whole Life supplements, seminars and workshops
  • Discount (5%) on specialty labs
  • Low patient to doctor ratios
  • Extended, comprehensive appointments to address more of your concerns
  • Collaborative care with Health For Your Whole Life, LLC providers
  • Access to additional health related materials including: newsletters, articles and educational videos
  • 1 Adult – $59/month and $59/visit
  • 2 Adults living in same household: $99/month
  • Additional child add-on: $5 per child/month
  • Additional Direct Doctor access (M-F) phone/text add- on: $29/month
  • Additional 24/7 Direct Doctor access add- on: $59/month/person
  • Home visits when appropriate (Home visit surcharge $200)

Green Button

IV Vitamin Therapy

Nov 10, 2013 in Health Blog, Services

IV Vitamin Therapy is a fast and effective way to boost your energy, re-charge your immune system, and heal your body.  Dr. Tondora uses a combination of vitamins, nutrients, homeopathics,…

Natural Flu Shots Available

Nov 30, 2012 in Featured, Health Blog

Flu season is here and everyone is getting sick. Don’t you be next! Dr. Tondora is offering a natural approach to protecting & treating yourself against the flu. Come in…

And This is Why We Ride…

Jul 25, 2011 in Health Blog

Charlotte, NC – July 12, 2011 Throughout most of our journey in the Southern United States, we were met with unusually high temperatures and high humidity. Today was no different….